SD PP-R Pipes System

Material Quality

SD (Strong and Durable) PP-R pipes system is made from high quality material and has been comply with international standard such us DIN 8077 and DIN 8078


  1. Good chemical resistance and physiologically harmless
  2. Healthy and non-toxic, bacteriologically neutral conforming to drinking water standard
  3. Extensive savings in time & labour
  4. High temperature resistance
  5. Light weight, easy to handle and install
  6. Insulations not necessary for interior applications
  7. Can be recycled

Common Applications

  • Potable water pipelines for hot & cold (ie. residential buildings, hospitals, hotels, offices and school buildings, ship buildings, etc)
  • Pipelines for rainwater utilization systems
  • Pipelines for compressed-air plants
  • Pipelines for solar plants
  • Pipelines for agriculture and holticulture systems
  • Hot water pipes for residential
  • Pipelines for industrial factories dealing with chemicals and food processing

Hygienic Harmlessness

Stipulate that all parts of an installation directly in contact with potable water are commodity goods according to the law for food and Commodity Goods.
The advanced products of SD have comply with:

  1. Material : The joining method requires no additives such as fluxes o solder. The connection is exclusively made by coupling welding
  2. Potable Water – our most precious commodity goods : The increasing use of PP-R in the field of food-packing confirms the hygienic qualities of the material. This makes SD advanced PP-R pipelines system the optimal packing for one of our most precious commodity goods – our potable water

Sound Insulation

Compared to metalic pipes, SD PP-R pipes do not need further insulation to decrease the decibel level when water flows as relatively high speeds. The reason is simply that metals transmit noises quicker and louder, whereas, plastics dampen the noises. Hence “whistling” and noises resulting from water hammer effect are largely reduced non-existence

Fire Protection

SD advanced PP-R pipelines and fittings comply with the requirement of the fire classification B2 (normal inflammable). On terms that flame temperature is high than 800 C and it has sufficient oxygen under state of burning of ideal, SD pipelines do not show an increased brand gas toxicity. Therefore, in case of fire there is no risk of the development of dioxin

Chemical Resistance

Chemical resistance is one of the remarkable properties of the SD advanced pipeline system. As these are suitable for the transport of hard water, soft water, potable water and industry applications of the SD pipeline system (please consult for further information)


SD PP-R pipes and fitting should not be installed (without protection) where subject to UV-radiation. If SD advanced PP-R pipes and fitting must installed outside of building and exposed under sunlight, one UV-resistant foam pipe of UV resistance tape or UV resistance coating can be applied to protect SD pipes system.