DENJI Copper Tube

Copper tube is a strong and versatile metal that has been used in various applications for thousands of years. With its unique properties and enviable performance records, copper tube is the leading choice of modern contractors for plumbing, heating systems and mechanical systems in all kinds of building and industrial facilities.
As the industry rapidly changes and evolves with more efficient products, so must the standards, specifications and design equations for copper systems. The gradual phase-out of refrigerants harmful to environmental has ushered in newer, more efficient systems which operate a higher pressure. It is important not only to be cost effective but also to provide a safe environment for the public.

Why choose Copper?

  1. Superior performance at reasonable cost. Copper piping systems have
    proven to be durable and reliable for over 90 years.

    • Copper has excellent resistance to corrosion and scaling, high mechanical strength, high-temperature resistance and lifetime resistance to UV degradation. Copper assure long, trouble-free service, which translates to satisfied customers and systems that lastcapture-20141201-193146
    • The workability of soft or annealed copper allows it to be run, without joints, through the building spaces where other materials would be difficult to use. Copper tube can be bent and formed, it is frequently possible to eliminate elbows and joints
    • Copper tube does not require the heavy thickness of ferrous or threaded pipe of the same internal diameter. This means copper permits easier handling and prefabrication. It costs less to transport and takes less space when installed
    • The process of joining Copper is easier, more efficient and reliable that other materials. Copper tube can be joined with capillary fittings. These fittings save material and make smooth, neat, strong and leak-proof joints. No extra thickness or weight is necessary to compensate for material removed by threading
    • Copper is antimicrobial properties. It is the only solid surface material registered by the U.S Environmental Protection Agency to continuously and naturally inhibits the growth of harmfull pathogens including bacteria, mould, algae and fungi
    • Copper’s smooth interior means minimum resistance to flow. Fittings do not restrict flow
    • Copper can resist decay from internal attack and can withstand physical damage inservice
    • The combination of easy handling, forming and joining permits savings in installaition time, material and overall costs
  1. Copper is safe. Ccapture-20141201-193216opper tube will not burn or support combustion or de-compose to toxic gases. Therefore, it will not carry fire through floors, walls and ceiling. Volatile organic compounds are not required for
  2. Copper is dependable. Copper tube is manufactured to well-defined composition standards and marked with permanent identification so you know exactly what it is and who made it. It is accepted by virtually every
    plumbing code
  3. Copper is 100% recyclable. Copper can be recycled over and over without degradation in content or properties